MarbCoin Sale faq

Answers to the most frequently asked questions. We will add more Q&A's soon

When does the pre ICO start and how long does it take?

The pre ICO will run from August 1 2018 to September 20 2018. The ICO will start some time after the end of the pre-ICO.

What are the min and max contribution limits for pre-ico?

The pre-ico minimum is 0.2 ETH. We don't obtain a maximum.

What are the steps to buying MarbCoins?

The process is as follows:

What will happen to the unsold tokens?

At the end of the ICO, we will distribute the tokens that have not been sold, proportionally to the buyers. We will not burn them.

How much will MarbCoin be selling per coin?

The pre ICO rate is 7000 MarbCoins per ETH.

How can I pay for MarbCoins?

You can order them in you client area, you can pay with Ethereum, if you do not know how this works, please take a look here on

If you prefer to buy MarbCoins with a (SEPA) bank transfer you can contact us, we will send you all the necessary information.

When will I receive my MarbCoins?

MarbCoins are directly added to your account, but can only be transferred at the end of the ICO.

Can USA residents participate?

USA is excluded unfortunately to buy MarbCoins for now. You can still earn MarbCoins by referring people!

Accredited investors can contact us.

What is the address of the sale?

You will see the address after your own address has been whitelisted after the KYC process.

When can I transfer my MarbCoin MarbCoins?

All MarbCoins are locked until the ICO ends. After that, you can transfer MarbCoins using your favorite tools.